Best Gadgets for Girls 2020 | Every Girl/Women Should Have
Best Gadgets for Girls 2020 | Every Girl / Women Should Have


Nowadays, crime against women has become more, recently. I was triggered to write this post after hearing about these heartbreaking incidents. After reading this post, if you think these best gadgets for girls will be useful for the girls out there, could be anyone’s mother, sister, daughter, or friend, please share it as much as you can.

Women safety has been a big question. We still have animals roaming among us in the form of humans. It's time for women to stand up and defend themselves. Girls, its time to defend yourselves. Until laws are made more strict, let’s find ways to defend and secure ourselves.

I asked myself being a tech guy with social media presence, what can I do? Well, that is when I thought why not I write a post of women safety gadgets and I set out on a research for women safety gadgets. In the end, I found 6 essential gadgets.

These don't cost a lot and I think every girl out there should be carrying at least a few of these which might help them in some way from an attacker/stalker if they ever come across such a situation. So, without wasting much time, let me show you Best Gadgets for girls.

Cut-Resistant, Protective Safety Sleeves

It costs Rs.750. We know that girls use a long hand sleeve to protect their skin from the sun while traveling. Well, these special sleeves can help you with that and beyond. When someone attacks you with a knife, you can defend to some level, it is cut resistant.

Also, I got a cut safety glove which cost Rs.400. Pair it up and you should be good to go. This is made of terylene and stainless steel wire combined material. This is a must-have gadget.

personal alarm keychain

It costs Rs.999/-. It is a nice beetle style design keychain. You also get a manual, USB charger cable, 3.5mm audio cable, and a tag. When you are in danger, just pull this chain off and it starts an SOS sound in a very high decibel for emergency. For that sudden loud sound, it can scare away any possible attackers.

Put the pin back, to turn off. It also has an inbuilt led torch. The speaker is of a very high range that it can be used to play music too. You will have to just connect your smartphone or any music player to play music. For charging, you get a micro USB slot and a 3.5 mm slot for audio which you can connect and enjoy some music.

But remember the main use of this gadget is the high-frequency SOS Alarm which helps when you are not able to shout loud or want to alert people around.

GPS tracker locket

It costs Rs.1750. The specialty of this gadget is it works stand-alone and need not be connected to any smartphone, constantly. So, in any situation where you cannot access your phone, this works stand-alone. In the box, we get the tracker in a locket design. Attach a chain and you can wear it too.

In the box, you also get a Manual, micro USB cable, and forceps. Now, this is an interesting product, all you need to do is get a secondary sim, a gsm sim card with a minimum 200 MB GPRS data plan. Insert the sim inside the locket with the help of the forceps.

Jio won’t work, so I am using Vodafone. After inserting the sim, for configuration, on your and your emergency contact mobile download the app called AIBEILE. Turn on the device and login into the app using the id which is unique to this device. id and password will be found on the box.

Then use the settings to set emergency numbers. So, when you trigger an SOS, they are able to track you down in real-time. Also, you can set a geo-fence, so if you go out of that area, it automatically triggers an alert. Since it has an inbuilt mic and speaker which supports a 2-way voice.

In case of emergency, just press the power button for 5 seconds and it will start dialing the emergency number set and the other person can hear what you speak and also track you in real-time. Battery status of the locket and your real-time location all can be tracked by the emergency contact. A super gadget and a very handy one.

Zoosk moto 69 Torch

Well, not an ordinary one. Costs Rs.600. In the box, we get the torch, a charger cable, a manual, a warranty card, and a pouch. A nice bright led torch. It also comes attached with a red laser which you can use that to alert long distance. It also have stun baton at the top.

On pressing this button, activates a high voltage current enough to knock off an attacker. It has sharp edges which help you much. So, it’s a 3 in one gadget - torch, red laser, and stun baton.

self-defense ring

A small self-defense ring which costs Rs.200. The specialty of this ring is, it has a sharp pointed tip which is enough to attack someone and also strong enough to break glass which you cannot do with bare hands. Very small yet a handy one.

pepper spray cane

Finally, the traditional pepper spray cane, very effective. Make sure you always have one in your bag. 6 interesting products which every woman should have.


So, these are the Best Gadgets for girls. I hope this post was helpful. A perfect gift for your loved ones. Guys, I need your help to take this post to a larger audience. So, please don't forget to share and comment on this post because any of these products may help someone, someday.

That's it for this post, thank you all for watching. Check my recent posts and I’ll see you in the next one.


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