Best video editing software for youtube free on windows [July 2020]
Best Video Editing Software for Youtube FREE [July 2020]


What's the best video editing software for Youtube free on Windows right now in 2020? Well here's our roundup of the latest options with our picks for the best video editors in every category.

Free to Paid

From the best free software to paid and professional options with everything that you need to know to help you decide which one is the best one for you.

Now video editing software updates so fast. So we do a roundup like this every 6 to 12 months for both Windows and Mac. And every time we go back to the drawing board, we restart all of our research and we retest a ton of options.

And we eventually narrow the list down to our recommendations for the best video editing software for Youtube free across every budget.

multiple pricing categories

Now, I'm going to break this overview down into multiple pricing categories, including free, paid, and more professional software so that you can see what's available at each level. You can see the recommended softwares.

And if you're just starting in one of the lower brackets, you can know exactly what you'll be unlocking if you do jump into one of the higher brackets.



Okay, so here's the pricing categories that we're gonna be breaking this down into. The first category in our list is free software. So obviously, that's all the stuff out there that is free.

Now I do want to say here, that every piece of software that we are mentioning in this video is watermark free, meaning that you can get good results and use this software to create your videos without any branding or watermark on the finished product.

Under $200 & free

The next category is sub $200, or all video editing software under $200. Now when we're running through this software, we're also going to include free software in this category as well, because if you are interested in spending up to $200 for video editing software, your options are also going to include free software. So we're going to put the two head-to-head.

$200 and above & free

And the third category includes all software that is $200 and above, and again, to make this a fair assessment, if you were going to spend that money on video editing software, we've also included the sub $200 and the free stuff in there as well so that you see which is going to be the best option for you moving forward.

free softwares

Our list

So for the first category, free software, there's a lot of options out there, and those include things like VSDC the free version, HitFilm Express Lightworks, Shotcut, Avid Media Composer First, and DaVinci Resolve.

Why it is free?

Now typically what you would find with free software is that it's very limited in what you can do. Normally there's not a lot of pro features, normally there's not a lot of control over your actual editing, and a lot of them are just theme-based or template-based editing. But that's not always the case.


So from testing all of these to narrow this down, my shortlist includes HitFilm Express, VSDC Free, and DaVinci Resolve. And really, you're going to be able to create great videos using any one of these.

HitFilm Express


With HitFilm Express, I think it's got a good clean, easy to use interface. So for someone who is an absolute beginner, it's going to be easy for you to jump in here and quickly figure out where everything is and to start editing your videos down.


But it's not just a video editing application. They've also got some amazing features in there for special effects and motion graphics and those sorts of things as well.

Pro version

Now if you do want to unlock some extra and more advanced features in there, you can either purchase some of their add on packs, or there is a pro version of HitFilm available as well, which we will cover a little later in this video. But it is the professional version of this software with all the bells and whistles.



VSDC is another one that's got a fairly intuitive and fairly easy to use interface.


I'd say it's probably not as easy or intuitive as HitFilm Express, but there's probably more advanced features in the free version of VSDC than you get in the free version of HitFilm. Now really what you're getting in this free version of VSDC is pretty amazing.

Pro version

There is a pro version that they do sell for just under $20. But the biggest differences between them are some added hardware improvements and hardware integration for extra performance and also a few extra advanced editing features in there as well.

So for the most part, especially if you're someone at the beginner to intermediate level, the free version could do everything that you're after.

DaVinci Resolve


And the third one on the shortlist then is DaVinci Resolve. Now, this is hands down, the most advanced, most professional video editing software for free. It is crazy what you are getting.

This is full-on professional software that they use to make Hollywood movies and documentaries and those sorts of things. So it's crazy that you can download and use this for free.

Not for beginners

Now given that you've got access in there to all of the advanced tools and all the professional features and everything in there, it's not going to be great for someone who is an absolute beginner. It's not that intuitive.

It's not that easy to get up to speed fast editing in there. You are going to have to invest some time to learn where everything is and to master the platform.

But if you are someone who's at that intermediate to advanced level, or you're a beginner, but you're looking to learn and want to get up to speed with professional-grade features, then this could be the perfect option for you.

Which I choose?

So if you're an absolute beginner, you don't need all the advanced features and stuff, go with HitFilm Express or VSDC. If you're someone at that intermediate level through to advanced, DaVinci Resolve is probably where it's at for you.

DaVinci Resolve is not for low-end PC

Now I just want to say with DaVinci Resolve if you are looking to use it on an older computer or a computer that's not very powerful, you might find that it runs pretty slowly. It is designed to run on more powerful computers or newer computers. So just keep that in mind.

Winner in free

Now it's a tough call but if I had to pick a winner in this category, it is going to go to DaVinci Resolve. It's just amazing what you're getting access to, pro-level features, and tools for free.

Quick tip

Now just before we jump into the next category, I do want to say that no matter which video editing software you pick, they're all just tools to edit your videos down. So you want to find the one that is the best for you, for the types of videos you're creating, and the way that you're going to approach your video editing.

So what I would suggest is that you grab the trial versions of a couple of different ones and have a play around and see which one is going to be the best fit for you for making videos moving forward.

Under $200 & free

So in this next category, we're going to be looking at all video editing software under $200. And again, including the free stuff as well.

Free vs Paid

Now typically, what you would find with paid software versus free software is that it's a more polished application, more complete, less features removed, and less restrictions around what you can do in those free applications.

But I say typically because there are things like DaVinci Resolve, that just gives you an amazing offering for free. But for the most part, there's usually something missing or something worthwhile paying for to make the editing experience easier or faster.

Our list

So in this pricing category then we're adding to our list AVS Video Editor, VSDC Pro, Adobe Premiere Rush, Movavi Plus, Filmora, WeVideo, Vegas Movie Studio, Magix Movie Edit Pro, Adobe Premiere Elements, CyberLink PowerDirector, Filmora Pro, Lightworks Pro, and Vegas Pro.


So you can see there's a lot of options in this category. So after trying and testing all of these I've narrowed it down to four in the shortlist. And this was a really hard one to cut this down. But the shortlist includes WeVideo, Filmora, Filmora Pro, and DaVinci Resolve.



So now with the shortlisted ones, WeVideo is an amazing video editing application. It's one that you don't need to download and install on your computer, you run it in your web browser, which means that you don't need to have the most powerful computer out there.

And that you can move between different computers, because you're just logging in to your account on the web browser.

Best for teamwork

This also makes it powerful for working with other people. When you're creating your videos, you can create a team account and you can share access to your video files, to your actual edits, and your editing projects. And you can have multiple people involved in your video creation process.

Not for low internet

The biggest thing to be aware of with WeVideo would be if you've got slow internet that it's gonna take some time for you to get your footage up to them. But you can start editing while the files are still on your computer, and they'll upload in the background, which is awesome.


Now in terms of pricing, it's a monthly subscription model with plans starting at $4 99 per month for their Power plan. That plan does restrict you to 720 paid for the quality of your videos.

So I say that what you're probably going to be looking at as a starting point will be their Unlimited plan, which supports editing up to 4k files. And this is something that blew me away. This thing edits 4k video files so well, so smoothly, and it's run in the cloud.

Best for intermediate level user

Now, this is going to be perfect for someone who is an absolute beginner right through to, I'd say, maybe an intermediate level.


The interface is really simple. It's really easy to get up to speed and editing and everything in there. But there are not too many advanced or pro features.


So the next one on the shortlist is Filmora. Now, this is one that not that long ago, I never would have thought that I would be recommending this, but it's now a really solid option and a great video editing application.


The interface alone is intuitive, and even someone who has maybe never edited before is gonna be able to get up to speed editing fast in here.

Very Smooth

One of the biggest things that blew me away with Filmora was how optimized it is and how well and smooth it runs while you're editing your videos down. We've tried this on multiple computers and even on some older computers. This thing still runs incredibly smoothly while you're editing.


The other thing that's cool about Filmora is the pricing, you can purchase a lifetime license so you don't have to get a subscription, you can purchase a lifetime license for under $60, which is awesome.

Best for beginner

So I'd say Filmora is gonna be perfect for someone whether you are an absolute beginner, never edited a video in your life.

This is going to be great for you right up to an intermediate level because it does have a lot of those more advanced features and tools and things in there. But the interface and everything makes it so easy to use and to find everything.

Filmora Pro

The next one on the shortlist then is Filmora Pro, so the pro version of the one that we just covered.

Now, I do want to say at this point that this post is not sponsored, they have no idea that we are making it but I am blown away with what they are actually offering and putting out there as video editing applications and they are worth considering.


The interface on the pro version is built upon from the non-pro version. So again, it's intuitive, it's easy to find stuff. It's nice and fast, and it's nice and snappy while you're editing in there as well.


But the big difference here is that you've got access to far more advanced and professional level tools. Hence the name.

Now I know it's a big call, but I would say that the features and everything that you have inside of Filmora Pro is just insane and they rival what you find in applications like Adobe Premiere Pro, which is again, insane when you look at the price.


You've got a couple of different options with the pricing on Filmora Pro, they do have an annual subscription for 89.99 per year, or you can pay 149.99 for, again, lifetime access to Filmora Pro. So you only need to pay once and not sign up for a monthly or annual subscription.

DaVinci Resolve

And the last one on the shortlist in this category is once again DaVinci Resolve the free video editing application. This is beating out a lot of the paid options in this category.

And is still hands-down the most professional, most advanced video editing application in this category as well.

So while I'm blown away with the features and control, and everything inside of Filmora Pro, DaVinci Resolve takes that to the next level.

Which I choose?


So rounding this out, WeVideo is gonna be perfect for someone who is going to be editing on a low powered computer. You want to work in the cloud and transfer between different computers easily, and work with other team members remotely as well.

Filmora & Filmora Pro

Filmora is going to be a great option for someone at that beginner level right through to an intermediate level with the clear upgrade path to the pro version of it, which is going to be perfect for someone at that intermediate to advanced level.

So someone that still wants to be able to edit fast and efficiently, but have access to all the extra features and stuff in there.

DaVinci Resolve

But if you are looking for the most professional, the most amount of features, the most amount of control in your editing application, that's where DaVinci Resolve has it hands down.

Winner in under $200

So if I had to pick a winner in this category, it is going to go again to DaVinci Resolve. It's just pretty hard to beat, given what you're getting access to and the price of zero.

$200 and above

And that brings us to the third category, which is where we add in all of the $200+ video editing software into the mix as well.

So if you are looking to spend more money, more than $200. What is your best option for video editing software? Including the sub $200, and the free options as well.

What’s in above $200

Now typically, once again, what you would find in this category of video editing software above $200 is that they are the most professional options out there.

So all the advanced features, all the advanced controls, really letting you get into the frame by frame-accurate edits to allow the most amount of creativity in your videos. And this is the stuff that the pros use.

Our list

So in this category, you've got things like HitFilm Pro Camtasia, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer Magix Video Pro X, and DaVinci Resolve Studio, which is the studio version or the next version up of the free one that has been taking out all of the categories in this video so far.

DaVinci Resolve Studio


The biggest difference between the two is the studio version is going to let you unlock more things like higher than 4k, UHD resolutions.

So true 4k, right up to 8k resolutions, higher frame rates, a larger range of professional effects, multi-user collaboration tools, and they've even got facial recognition in the studio version as well.


And the studio version isn't ridiculously priced either at $299. But I would say for probably most people out there the free version is going to do pretty much everything you need without needing to upgrade to the studio version.


Now I do want to quickly call out that Camtasia is in this category purely based on its price coming off the back of all the pro talk, I don't think it's professional-grade video editing software, but it's in this category because of the price.


So my shortlist then comes down to WeVideo, Filmora, Adobe Premiere, and DaVinci Resolve. Those are my full go-to recommendations right now depending on what you're looking to do, and your skill level as well.

Adobe Premiere Pro


So the new one on the shortlist then is Adobe Premiere Pro. Now for years, this has been my go-to for video editing software on Windows. We've been using it for the bulk of our client projects and any documentaries or long formwork, and pretty much any broadcast work as well.

Not only is it amazing video editing software on its own as a standalone, but it also works well with the rest of the Adobe Suite like Photoshop or After Effects or Audition. So you can bring in all of those different applications and work seamlessly on your project, literally with the click of a button.

Best for teamwork

I personally really liked the workflow here, especially if you're working with teams or external editors. It's really easy to transfer your projects between them and to make it collaborative as well.

And yes, I realized that a lot of the other options out there now have these features as well. But for me, the go-to for anything like that is still Premiere.

Huge support

The other big thing for me with Premiere is the huge support for all the different types of files and codecs out there. You really can almost throw anything at the premier and you're going to be able to edit it down there without the need to convert it to something else first.

New tool

I'm also a really big fan of their new auto reformat tool. So if you are looking to repurpose your video content from one platform to another, say a widescreen video from YouTube to something portrait for the Instagram story, so IGTV.

You can do it with a click of a button and it will go through an analyze your footage and track it and reposition it so that it looks good in a different format as well. It is amazing.


Now in regards to pricing, though, this one is a subscription model, so your options are $20.99 per month, or there's a $52.99 plan, which gives you access to not just Premiere, but also the rest of the Adobe Suite as well.

Which I choose?


So to round out this shortlist with some recommendations, I would say that WeVideo is going to be perfect for someone an absolute beginner out through to an intermediate level, who is maybe editing on a computer that isn't so powerful, or something like a Chromebook, because the editing is done in your web browser.

It's also going to be great for someone if you're working with an external team or people remotely because it is cloud-based.

Filmora Pro

I'd recommend Filmora Pro then for anyone who's looking for the next step up from that, looking for some more advanced features and controls, and are at that intermediate to more advanced level.

DaVinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere Pro

And then for someone really at that advanced level, looking for industry-standard software, looking for professional-grade features and tools. It is going to come down to DaVinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere Pro.

And you can grab DaVinci Resolve for free. But there's also a trial version of Adobe Premiere.


Now it's a tough call, but if I had to pick one overall winner, best video editing software for Youtube free on Windows, it is going to go to Adobe Premiere Pro. It's tough because it is incredible what DaVinci Resolve is giving you for free.

I know I've said that a lot throughout this post. It's ridiculous, it is an awesome offering. But I do think that Adobe Premiere Pro is a step up from that still right now.


So, these are some of the best video editing software for youtube free on windows. I hope you this post helpful and this post helped you in choosing the best video editing software for you. So, please share this post with all your friends.

Check my recent posts and I’ll see you in the next one.


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