How LONG does it take to Become A Software Developer in 2020
How LONG does it take to Become A Software Developer in 2020


How Long Does It Take To Become A Software Developer? And how long does it take to get your first job? If you want to know the answer, so read this post till the end. So, let's jump right into it.

Different person, different time

For everybody, it's gonna take a different amount of time, all right? And now it also has to do with how much time are you able to put in?

Most people can put in a few hours a day, maybe a few hours a week because they have prior commitments, different responsibilities, some of you might have kids, jobs, bills to pay, things of that nature

My friend’s story

For my friend, to get his first freelancing client in as little as three months, it's because he also had no responsibilities at that time. I mean, he had, but he also didn't, right?

So you have to understand that he was living with his parents at the time, he had lots of support, he had a financial safety net, he didn't have kids to take care of.

I mean, he was still going to college and he was still working a lot, and he had to create time and he still managed his time well and he was productive.

But there were many days where for example, when he wasn't going to college or he had a little bit of break. He had the luxury to spend 15 to 18 hours a day to code.

Wrong thinking

So when he shared those thoughts about how you can become a software developer in 3 months or 2 months, or you can at least get your first job in that time, I feel people take it the wrong way.

And I think what they understand from that is that it's easy to become a developer and some are saying that you could do it overnight. And that's not what I'm trying to tell you.

Is it hard?

What I'm trying to tell you is becoming a developer is very hard. If you are looking to do this just as your side income, don't do it because it's gonna be really difficult. There are many other ways you could earn a much easier side income.

For example, look up dropshipping and learn how to use Amazon for that. Or use Uber or Lyft and it'll be much easier to get a job and start making side income.

Who can do it?

Get into this field if you're fascinated by it, if you find it interesting, and if you feel inspired by it if this is something you can see yourself doing every day.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Software Developer?

After reading the paragraphs above, you might be thinking how long does it take to become a software developer?

If you are spending one hour or 2 hours a day it's gonna take you a long time. So the majority of you by default, statistically speaking, it will take you two years or longer to become a software developer.

It's a long, arduous journey. It's exciting and it's amazing, it's beautiful. When you got your first job, made everything worth it for you. But it is a long path.

How much time?

So, You have a timeline between 3 months to two to 2.5 years where you could become a developer and you could get a job, all right. This is very realistic.

So. Between three months being very aggressive. Then, 2.5 years 'cause that's plenty of time, you have that window of becoming a software developer.

Compress hours

If you can compress those hours instead of spending one hour a week or two hours or three hours a week, or just one hour a day.

If you're able to compress that timeline and just put in a lot more grind time, you can achieve lots of those goals earlier.

Why freelancing?

So this is why I push freelancing 'cause the barrier of entry is lower and my friend was able to start earning an income three to five months into his programming career.

He also became good at that time and again, the reason was 15 to 18 hours a day of coding. So it makes him a statistical anomaly, but his obsession is crazy.

My friend’s secret

What happened is that there wasn't any like a weird secret that he did, he just had put in a lot of time and energy into it because he loved it and he was just obsessed with it.

So, your timeline could look to give you a realistic idea from three months, rare. Three months you can get your first freelancing opportunity, I wouldn't even say full-time job.

Maybe you could get an internship if you have a lot of connections, right, but you have to push yourself and it is possible.

Pick your language

With that said, I also wanna tell you that you should pick your language and what you're gonna be specializing in because you wanna kinda see what's gonna be happening two and 2.5 years later.

If you look at the predictions and the way different languages grow it's gonna be a very major determining factor in what language you should go for. I mean, even though languages aren't that important, the ideas and what you do with them is more important.

For example, let's say you pick up Swift and you start learning mobile development, right? Swift is more predisposed towards mobile development.

If you might spend a lot of time there and then later you're like I wanna become a web developer, you will need to spend a little bit of extra time to then learn the web development skills.

Instead of picking something like JavaScript, let's say, right at the start of your journey where you not only learn it but then you're improving the skill set.

So by the time, whether it's six months, one year, two years for you, you have this skill set of being a web developer, right. Because JavaScript is just more predisposed towards web development.

Which language?

You're gonna need to learn other languages as you're improving, that's just a natural process, but I'm just saying which language you should kind of push towards a little bit at the start.

I personally love Python, so I'm gonna recommend Python to start with. And even when you look at the trends and the 2019 predictions and the upcoming years.

Scope of Python

So let's say if you're starting your journey now, and you're kind of a beginner, it might take you 1.5 to 2 years to become a developer if you follow the realistic timeline.

In that journey, if you're doing Python web development or Python development in general, just understand that the trend for Python is going high up.

And especially with machine learning and lots of data visualization and data analysis, Python is killing it in that regard. And those things are gonna be very important for AI in the upcoming years. You can expect Python to continuously just be growing at a tremendous rate.

Make a plan

All right, so with that said, I will say have that timeline, have that timeframe so you understand what is going on.

To compress it, put in lots of hours and have a solid game plan of what you wanna be doing. Instead of haphazardly just picking random tutorials to learn from, actually be building projects.

Build projects

If you are building projects and you're working on a few long-term projects and as you learn new concepts you keep adding them into your projects, you keep taking those projects and putting them up on your GitHub where recruiters and people can see it.

online presence

If you're focusing on your LinkedIn, your online presence, and your resume, and you constantly have all these ways of getting people's eyes on your project, you can keep compressing that timeline from two years to earlier and earlier.

build relationships

Another thing I always talk about is also being able to build those relationships and going to local events, local meetups where you could have access to internships and job opportunities long before you ever need them.

And by the time you're even remotely ready you have people who you've built relationships with who will think this person is perfect, I can bring this person, train them, I've seen their hard work, I've seen their dedication, I've seen that they love coding and they've been consistent, let me bring this person in. I can just teach him.

Let's say you're doing Python and they have a job opportunity for let's say Java or JavaScript or something in web development, they'll just bring you on and teach you that, right.

They know where your skillset is, they know how long it'll take to show you that. They also know you're reliable. So you might get a job or internship or freelancing opportunity just a few months into your career.


I hope this gives you an idea and I hope I have provided you with a few tips. I suggest you go back to the part where I gave a few tips and just write them down 'cause they are very powerful.

So, this is How Long Does It Take To Become A Software Developer?, I hope you like it. Share this post with all your friends and check my recent post & I’ll see you in the next one.


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