How to use Instagram Reels: Full details [New TikTok]
How to use Instagram Reels: Full details [New TikTok]


What's up, guys? I am Shubh Raput and in this post, I'm going to be talking about How to use Instagram reels. So, last year in 2019, Instagram released a feature called reels which is an Instagram story feature and it's basically copying TikTok.

As we all know, Facebook copies every single other social media platform that works. Because Instagram is owned by Facebook, they have copied TikTok format and they've added it to Instagram stories as a feature. I'm going to be showing you exactly How to use Instagram reels.

I've just been playing around with it for maybe about 50 minutes. So, I'm gonna jump on my phone and show you. First of all, if you have used TikTok or if you've even been on TikTok before, you all know how to use reels. It's very straightforward, especially, if you use TikTok before. You'll notice that it's pretty much identical.

where is reels?

So, firstly we're gonna show you where the reels appear. So, if I go into the explore page, on the top, there's a big square which has reels in the bottom left corner, and basically, if you just tap on this, you can then start scrolling through all of these reels. Just like you would on TikTok, basically.

You can double-tap to like, likes are in the corner, you tap in the comments they come up, just like on TikTok, very-very similar.

Make reels

In the top right, you'll notice that there's the little camera icon. So, I can tap that to start making my own reel or I can go to my story, and then I can also start making a reel. On the bottom, we have the choice between live, story, and reels. Tap on reels and now I can start making a reel.


So, to get started we've got the music button, this is where you tap and you can go and find a song to voice to or whatever and then you could choose a part of the song and click Done and then when you start recording, you will have the song playing.

If you don't have to put a song, you can just tap on the music button and delete it by tapping on the top left.


Now, we have the speed option. So, you can slow it down or speed it up just like on TikTok. So, when you record either how they slowed down or speed up effect when it's playing normal.


Then, you've got the effects. There are so many effects you can use in your reels, just like TikTok.


Then, below the effects, we have the little stopwatch which is basically a timer and you can choose for how long you want to record, basically. So, if I wanted to record for let's say, 3 seconds exactly. I do set a timer and when I tap the record button, it's going to go 3,2,1, and then it starts recording for exactly 3 seconds.

Trim clips

Next to the record button, in the middle, we've got the little thing and I can actually trim them just like on TikTok. Put your finger on the screen and you can actually scroll through the entire thing but you can't trim old clips. Basically, if you want to delete your clip, you have to delete the latest one, as you notice.


I don't think you can edit that like you can on TikTok. You can add text just like on the story, you can draw, you can save it and you can add stickers. Obviously, you can't put polls and interactive stickers but that's how it works.


If I click Next, I can add a caption or hashtags or I can share it to my story if I wanted to or send it to a specific person but if I want to share it on the Reels (It's the little section that comes up in the explore page). I can also share it with my personal feed.


I'm gonna share it on my feed. So, the first thing you notice is we've got a little watch Reels in the bottom left. At the top, we actually have the song that we're using. So, instead of the locations, I've got the full song. Just like on TikTok, you can tap the use of audio and start making a reel with that song.

Just like a normal post, if I tap on the Reels to watch Reels, it takes me into the actual reel zone. So, Reels is like a very unique and separate compartment. Not unique at all, it's a complete copy of TikTok but it's a very unique part of Instagram just like IG TV.

Other options

If I want to delete it, just hit the delete button and delete the post and if I go back to Reels, scroll through just like TikTok. If you don't use TikTok before trying out TikTok or try Instagram Reels.

I think this is a pretty cool new feature to the app, it will bring more creativity and things like that and although it is copying, it can only be a good thing for Instagram, I guess.

Should you use it?

If you want to try and grow on Instagram definitely start using Instagram Reels because again every time a new feature comes out, you should always be using that new feature. So, that's pretty exciting stuff Instagram is a direct competitor with TikTok.

Release Date

But I know, a lot of you guys won't have access to Instagram reels just yet but they have said that the fact they're releasing it to a few countries. Firstly, allows them to test it and grow it before improving it and then releasing it to the majority of people. But, they haven't given any dates for when they want to release it.


So, this is How to use Instagram reels. I also think it's interesting because a lot of TikTok content does get reshared straight to Instagram. So, maybe we're just gonna see more of the TikTok style of content but just created directly within Instagram.

I want to know, what you guys think of Instagram reel? Do you think it's a good move from Instagram? Did you not like the fact that they're blatantly copying TikTok? Do you think it's a bad move?

All your opinions, I want to hear them in the comment section down below and if you enjoyed this post and found it useful, helpful, and got value from it, please share this post.

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